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Recipes from Pipit's galley and the kitchen of Ann & Andy

Welcome to our recipes page. Many readers of yachtpipit.com, the record of our adventures living aboard Pipit, contacted us to comment on how much they enjoyed recipes we mentioned in updates and asked for more, so we decided to create a whole page with recipes that you can download in PDF format to save or print. We've been a bit remiss at adding new recipes, but hope to renew efforts in that regard.

We have both always loved to cook, and although living aboard a small yacht introduced some challenges and restrictions to our gastronomic creativity, we ate and drank extremely well aboard and continue to do so in our shoreside life.

As well as traditional British dishes from the amazing variety of its regional cuisines, our favourites include those of India and the Far East, France, Spain, Italy and Greece. We enjoy experimenting with flavours and ingredients, some familiar, some new, that we find on our travels.

Back in a land-based kitchen in the UK, the world is our culinary lobster. A vast choice of ingredients from around the world in virtually every supermarket, local & seasonal produce at increasingly popular farmers' markets, artisan food shops and the like makes cooking an adventure of its own.

Whilst we thoroughly enjoyed the flavours and ingredients in the countries we have visited, in most of those people stick firmly to tradition and their own national or regional cuisine. The UK remains, in our view and that of many others, the most diverse in terms of the availability and acceptance of cuisines and ingredients from around the world. Ok, there's a bit of 'The Delia Effect' that goes on with foodies clambering for the latest trend and the most recently introduced ingredients, but at its core is a genuine hunger (pun intended) to try new foods and cooking methods and that's something we think should be celebrated.

To view the recipes, click on the thumbnail or recipe name. You can then save or print them if you wish.

During the winter of 2012-13, Ann spent many, many hours collating, formatting and perfecting the layout of the recipes contributed by the crews of many yachts over-wintering in Marina di Ragusa, Sicily. She also organised the printing of what we think is a rather wonderful end result, a splendid recipe book in its own right and a fitting reminder of our time spent in Marina di Ragusa. Particular thanks go to Nancy on Fairwyn for volunteering to organise payment to the printer, collection of monies and distribution of the printed books, to the other ladies who helped make the book a reality and of course to all the people who contributed recipes. We have also created a PDF version, and we hope you enjoy re-creating some of the dishes therein. Click on the image to view or download the PDF.

We'll add more of our own recipes above in due course.