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Exciting progress

30th September 2018

After an incredible amount of hard work by Salmon & Collett to get us 'out of the ground', this last week has seen our site handed over to Frame UK for the delivery and erection of our timber frame, so we finally have the beginnings of something that looks like a house!

A concrete lorry with a pump wouldn't have fitted on site, so getting the concrete for the footings from the lorry to the trenches involved some agile digger work from Matt as the lorry couldn't get close enough to the far corners.

Ready for the first pour.

So with Kevin's blockwork 'dolly course' for the walls in place and the scaffolding erected, we were ready for the arrival of the frame:

Within just 5 hours we went from a concrete slab and dolly course to having all the ground floor exterior & interior walls in place - impressive work from a team of just 2 fitters and the crane driver. Less than 2 days later saw all the joists and first floor in place:

Our kind of crane - a very new piece of kit but surely there's a 'T' missing?

We spent 3 hours of hard graft yesterday clearing brambles & undergrowth from the top of the plot - turns out we have a greenhouse & shed! Actually we did know that, but have not been able to get very near them for a while.

Not a very big pile for all the effort and scratches involved!

Another nice piece of kit.

Just checking the view from our lounge...

This coming week should see the first floor walls and the roof structure in place - ready for the roofers to add the slates and Lux Windows and Doors to add the, well, windows and doors...

Finally, mainly for our benefit, there are more videos here.