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Spring and changes

24th March 2019

Spring has sprung!

The arrival of spring has coincidentally heralded some other changes, namely the replacement of my car. I have loved my Fiat 500 but after four years (has it really been that long?) it was time to change her. Something 4-wheel drive was in order as access to the new house involves a narrow steep lane (it's really just a footpath with vehicular access) that gets very slippery in wet weather.

Arrivederci mia bella piccola cinquecento

Ready to tackle that lane!

With the completion of the house approaching, we ordered and assembled a shed this week. I'm not sure what was more enjoyable, building the shed or ordering new tools to do so. All our old tools were sold with Pipit as it would have been more expensive to ship them back than the cost of replacements.

The door and window reveals have now been finished on the cladding - excellent work by Salmon & Collett. The doors, which we mentioned on the last update, look great - equal excellence by Lux Windows and Doors.

Inside, the screed has gone down over the underfloor heating on the first floor. Painting and decorating starts this week with tiling scheduled for next week.

Delivery of the kitchen will be in a couple of weeks, so moving in date really is approaching fast. It seems only a few weeks since we took down our Chrismas trees!