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Taking Shape

19th January 2019

Carn Marth, New Year's Day

On New Year's Day, we finally walked to the top of Carn Marth and in so doing, may have found a location, just a fifteen minute walk from our new front door, to keep our next yacht:

And an idea for our next yacht:

Carn Marth trig point - actually a few metres higher than Carn Brea

Carnmarth Amphitheatre - looking forward to some summer performances

A local resident

January has seen some particularly dry weather, so our builders have been concentrating on the outside. The ground floor rendering has been done - now I'm no rendering expert but I don't think I've ever seen such a smooth & flat finish - a veritable vertical snooker table if you will.

More of Kevin's craftsmanship

Similarly impressive is the care & attention that has been paid to the first floor cladding - Siberian Larch since you asked - the cladding supplied by Cornwall Cladding is beautiful but, being a natural product, does vary in size somewhat, more so than we expected as it's been kiln dried. This has proved something of a challenge for the carpenters as, when rounding a corner, the small variations in plank width means getting the courses to line up requires a lot of time spent measuring, selecting an appropriate plank, and adjusting the spacing ever so slightly such that the result is as below - we're very impressed with the attention to detail from Salmon & Collett and their sub-contractors.

Looking forward to the scaffolding being removed

Meanwhile, much progress has been made inside - first fix electrics & plumbing is now complete. Again we have been extremely pleased with the attention to detail from Trident Electrical and Davanna Heating and the communication between all parties.

So now we know where the sofa will go and, ergo, the exact position of the floor socket behind it

Will be a shame to hide all this handiwork really

We have also been making myriad decisions - the kitchen design is finalised, and we have selected the appliances - you may not believe how much time can be spent pouring over the minutiae of ovens, hobs and extractor fans, for example, in order to make the right choice. The primary problem is that there is just so much choice, even within one brand, with subtle differences between superficially identical models. Anyway, as problems go, we do realise it's not a bad one to have, and we have found an independent retailer in Truro who has been very helpful and whose prices are keener than a well known department store who claims to be never knowingly undersold...

Roof insulation & plaster boarding has just been started, and next week should see the start of heating first fix - our 'dream home' really is rapidly taking shape now.