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Doors, decking framework & heating

15th March 2019


Cladding around the doors is yet to be finished (trimmed to size and the timber reveals fitted) but we're very pleased with our colour choice. When we opted for red, we wanted a shade that was the same as Andy's favourite jumper and we think it's just right.

Inside of front door, oak effect

Utility room door, anthracite exterior, interior side is, like the front door, oak effect to match the interior doors.

Not sure if we'll fit the cat flap to the utility room door or the wall adjoining it to the left. The air-source heat pump will be on that external wall, but if there's room, it might be better that cutting a hole in the door. Either way, we can at least leave kitty in the utility room overnight with the internal door closed, so that any 'presents' kitty brings us can be contained.

Also done this week has been the framework for the decking. Like the rest of the house and garden, it seems to be even larger than we imagined.

The ground floor underfloor heating was laid last week and the concrete screed poured and the first floor underfloor heating pipes are now also finished with the screed to go over that next week.

So, can plumbing be art? We think so! The attention to detail, as with work by all other trades, is superb. Thank you Dave & Neil of Davanna Heating.

Chief plumbing & underfloor heating artist

The tiles have arrived from Italy and are to be delivered to site on Tuesday, when the tiler will start laying them upstairs in the kitchen and cloakroom before moving onto the ground floor bathrooms and utility room.

Finally, on a different subject, after 53 years Andy has discovered that he has been aboard the Queen Mary - sadly a few years after his namesake Great Uncle, who was Master, died. Andy was too young to remember - he's the cute one in the middle... Hopefully an experience to be repeated on a road trip to California one day...