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Decking, Dumpering and Dung Boards

13th April 2019

Early morning sunbeams marked the arrival, not of ET, but of some of our kitchen appliances

Work continues on a number of fronts, both inside and out. Painting is well under way as are second fix electrics and plumbing, the decking is now complete bar the balustrades and the two retaining walls for the terraces are being constructed.

More impressive 'plumbing art':

Our decking, aka the landing strip

Andy spent a happy day driving the dumper - just a mini one-tonner this time, unlike the six-tonner he played on drove last summer. I think it provided a welcome break from sitting at his PC coding or dealing with myriad choices and decisions about lighting, tiles, doors, etc.

The retaining walls for the two terraces required fairly deeply set posts as much of the ground of the terraces is made ground. Trenches had to be dug and lots of concrete mixed to fill around posts before the dung boards could be fitted to the posts. The dung boards were backed with Terram and plenty of block/rocks for drainage before finally being back-filled with soil. Artistry of its own - hard work and yet more digging but, as ever, an excellent job by Salmon & Collett.

The kitchen floor tiling has also been completed ahead of the arrival this week of the kitchen and utility room cupboards and some of the kitchen appliances.

Kitchen floor tiling (hard to tell the colour from this, but it's a warm Cotswold-esque beige - ceiling spots ready for final fix too.

Kitchen cupboards - fitting got under way on Friday and the kitchen is beginning to look just as we imagined already

A very important piece of kit this, shame it didn't come pre-filled...